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If a vehicle has a combined alternator-starter unit (Start-stop or StARS including Smart Micro Hybrid Drive) these are listed on the alternator page.

Check your old starter motor for the following defects before fitting:

  • Blue colour on armature shaft near pinion
  • Rattling inside motor when starter motor is shaken
  • Damaged teeth on starter motor
  • Burnt smell from inside starter motor

If your old starter motor shows any of these defects you have a vehicle fault that requires immediate attention. Failure to rectify this fault will result in the replacement starter motor failing due to the same vehicle fault. This will not be covered under warranty.

If you don't see the engine size you're looking for this may be because the manufacturer describes it by rounding up or down incorrectly for marketing purposes, e.g, a 2.1 litre engine may be listed as as 2.0 or 2.2 in a small number of cases. If model is 'Various' engine size will be listed as '0.0'.

Starter Motor Results

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