After looking up to the owners of Autoelectro throughout his childhood – father, Paul, as well as uncles, Tony and Nicky – Harnek Bhogal believes he is prepared in assuming a leadership role as a Director.

From an early age, he has been engrossed in the business, whether it’s picking and packing in the warehouse, creating credit notes and purchase ledgers in the accounts department, or handling sales enquiries and liaising with customers.

That said, Harnek is under no illusions that he is taking a significant step up in the day-to-day responsibility of the business but is confident he is ready:

“I’ve grown up in the automotive environment, surrounded by Tony, Nicky and Paul, and their enthusiasm and determination to grow the business has been inspirational to me. They’re role-models, and I want to emulate what they have created – but at the same time, forge my own path.

“I’ve been given an opportunity to demonstrate my qualities, learnt through maturing at Autoelectro, gaining an economics degree from Lancaster University and previous employment with OEMs and VMs. I’m ready to grab this opportunity with both hands.”

Harnek said he is respectful of the legacy that previous generations of the Bhogal family have created. He also says he will aim to balance the traditions and values that are inherent within Autoelectro’s DNA with his own ideas, energy and perspectives to ensure the business is able to navigate the changing landscape.

He concluded: “I want to bring a philosophy that will create a culture of innovation and growth, to think outside the box, take calculated risks, and embrace change. Ultimately, I want to build on the dynamism and resilience of the existing business. I am confident we can adapt to the challenges and opportunities of the modern automotive aftermarket and succeed.”

The original article was published by Professional Motor Factor Magazine and can be found here: Autoelectro Continues the Bhogal Legacy