January 2018

  1. Autoelectro Sales Manager to Boost Customer Relations Through New Column

    Autoelectro Sales Manager to Boost Customer Relations Through New Column
    Autoelectro’s UK Sales Manager, Nick Hood, will be putting pen-to-paper throughout 2018, as he shares his automotive aftermarket experiences with the remanufacturer’s customers. In a monthly column, dubbed ‘Nick Says’, he will write an open letter to Autolectro’s customer network of motor factors and technicians, where he will give his views about industry hot topics, as well as inform readers...
  2. NEW TO RANGE - AEG1418

    NEW TO RANGE - AEG1418
    Jaguar alternator available from stock. Application: Jaguar XE 2.0 D, 2015-
  3. NEW TO RANGE - AEY3982

    NEW TO RANGE - AEY3982
    Mercedes starter motor available from stock. Applications: Mercedes V-Class 2.1 D, 2015- Mercedes Vito 2.1 D, 2015-
  4. NEW TO RANGE - AEY3794

    NEW TO RANGE - AEY3794
    Hyundai/ Kia starter motor available from stock. Applications: Hyundai i30 1.6 CRDI, 2015- iX35 1.7 CRDI, 2013- Kia Optima 1.7 CRDI, 2012- Kia Sportage 1.7 CRDI, 2013-
  5. NEW TO RANGE - AEX1220

    NEW TO RANGE - AEX1220
    Subaru starter motor available from stock. Applications: Subaru Forster 2.0, 2013- Subaru Impreza 1.6, 2014- Subaru XV 2.0, 2011- Automatic transmission
  6. Autoelectro Announce New To Range Updates

    Autoelectro Announce New To Range Updates
    Autoelectro has unveiled its latest group of part numbers, following extensive research and analysis of the UK car parc. Among the latest new-to-range parts is a starter motor for two classic Jaguar applications: XJ 6.0 V12 (1994-1997) and XJS 5.3 V12 (1981-1993). Older applications are being covered by Autoelectro to prove its pedigree as a ‘one-stop shop’ for all rotating electric enquiries...
  7. NEW TO RANGE - AEY3974

    NEW TO RANGE - AEY3974
    Nissan starter motor available from stock. Applications: Nissan Pulsar 1.6 DIG-T, 2015- Nissan Qashqai 1.6 DIG-T, 2014-
  8. NEW TO RANGE - AEG1481

    NEW TO RANGE - AEG1481
    Kia Sportage 1.6 Petrol 16>
  9. NEW TO RANGE - AEX1226

    NEW TO RANGE - AEX1226
    BMW starter motor available from stock. Applications: BMW 2 Series 2.0, 2013- BMW X3 2.0, 2013- BMW X5 2.0, 2013-
  10. Autoelectro Outlines 2018 ‘Vision’

    Autoelectro Outlines 2018 ‘Vision’
    ROTATING electrics remanufacturer Autoelectro has outlined its intentions for 2018.  Yorkshire-based Autoelectro specialises in the reproduction of starter motors and alternators, supplying thousands of different products to fit almost any manufacturer on the road. The company made a break-through in 2017 with the introduction of surcharge-free NEX starter motors and alternators, which, according to Autoelectro UK Sales Manager Nick Hood...

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