The remanufacturer offers a range of Alternators and Starter Motors

In the world of classic car restoration and maintenance, finding the right replacement parts can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, according to Autoelectro’s Harnek Bhogal, but the remanufacturer has carved a reputation for being a go-to supplier for classic car and rare vehicle applications.

As we move into warmer months and longer days, classic car enthusiasts will be dusting off their treasured classics, ready to take on the open road. It is common, however, to find their motors needing some TLC during the season – potentially needing a Starter Motor or Alternator replacement.

A family-run business, now in its third generation, the Bhogal family is renowned for their classic car passion, with the VW Golf Mk1 and Mk2, Triumph TR7, 1955 Daimler Regency II part of their repertoire, so it is not an exaggeration that classic car motoring is at the heart of Autoelectro’s strategy.

And because Autoelectro is a remanufacturer, it is in the enviable position to cater to even the most unique or outdated electrical systems installed on classic and rare models.

Harnek said: “To be able to cater to these demands, we need to have an in-depth understanding of the specific requirements of the components and a detailed technical understanding of how the electrical systems work, which is a key selling point of our business in the marketplace.

“Our technicians and engineers’ attention-to-detail is paramount. Usually, classic car owners are petrolheads that place great emphasis and priority on authenticity and quality when it comes to replacement parts.”

Autoelectro prides itself on using only the highest quality OE replacement components. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that classic car owners receive parts that, not only fit seamlessly into their vehicles, but also uphold the originality and performance standards that they want.

Commitment to preserve OE

Central to Autoelectro’s ability to cater to the unique demands of classic cars is, not only its deep understanding of the components themselves, but the historical significance of these vehicles.

With a range of stock that includes dynamos, ACR Alternators and inertia Starter Motors, Autoelectro is committed to continuing the rich heritage of British motoring and providing enthusiasts with the tools they need to keep their cherished icons on the road.

Here are some examples of classic car applications in stock:

Starter Motors:

  • AEY1649 MG R 3.9 V8 (1992-onwards)
  • AES1135 Ford Granada/Capri 2.0-2.8 V6 (1980-onwards)
  • AEU0787 Ford Escort/Sierra RS Cosworth 2.0 (1990-onwards)
  • AES5162 Porsche 911 Turbo (930 model) 3.0 (1977-onwards)


  • AEG1152 Nissan Figaro alternator 1.0 (1991-onwards)
  • AEK1204 Porsche 928 alternator 4.5 (1978-onwards)
  • AEC1074 Porsche 911 Carrera (964 and 993 models) 3.6 (1989-onwards)
  • AEA3183 Austin Metro 1.4 (1990-onwards)
  • AEG1312 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow 6.7 V8 (1980-onwards)

Recognising that classic cars often feature custom or non-standard configurations, Autoelectro offers a bespoke service, adapting and building Starter Motors and Alternators to meet the specific requirements of individual customers.

Harnek said: “This commitment to customisation ensures that every restoration project receives the attention and expertise it deserves.”

In line with its ethos of authenticity, Autoelectro’s ‘reman and return’ facility offers customers the opportunity to maintain the originality of their vehicles. By allowing customers to send images of their parts via WhatsApp, Autoelectro’s production and technical teams can assess the feasibility of remanufacturing the component, ensuring that classic car owners can preserve the integrity of their vehicles without compromise.

Here are some recent examples of Autoelectro’s ‘reman and return’ service:

  • Bentley Arnage 6.7 V8 petrol (2000-onwards) Alternator
  • Aston Martin Lagonda 5.3 V8 petrol (1990-onwards) Alternator
  • Volvo 700 Series 2.4 diesel (1986-onwards) Alternator
  • Nissan Figaro 1.0 petrol (Japanese Import – 1991-onwards) Starter Motor
  • Jaguar XJ 6.0 V12 petrol (1995-onwards) Starter Motor

Harnek concluded: “Despite the challenges posed by sourcing quality old core and replacement components, we remain ready for another busy but successful classic car season. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we don’t take our reputation for granted.

“Each component undergoes rigorous testing at both the component and full unit level, ensuring that only the highest quality products bear the Autoelectro name. By upholding these stringent standards, Autoelectro continues to inspire confidence among customers, reaffirming its position as a trusted partner in the preservation of classic cars for generations to come.”

The original article was published by GarageWire and can be found here: Autoelectro can prepare owners for the new classic car season