Autoelectro’s Nick Hood discusses the company’s simplification of its ordering process to allow non-account holders to buy products this winter and beyond.

Autoelectro has built a reputation amongst its customer base for coming to the rescue when a customer can’t find the Starter Motor or Alternator they’re looking for elsewhere. This is made possible thanks to its availability and range, but what if an enquiry comes from someone without an account?

Nick Hood, Autoelectro’s UK Sales Manager, conceded that the COVID-19 pandemic had created a surge of online sales, meaning the company’s website had to be ready to cater demand from new and existing customers. He commented, “Obviously, we think everyone should have an account! However, in reality, we know this will not be the case.

“We have recently added a feature to allow online sales for customers that don’t have a credit account with us. Within a few minutes, they can access all the information needed to ensure they make the sale – product information, price, etc. – and without any delay.

“There’s no need to wait for credit approval either, as the Autoelectro website has incorporated the ability to take a credit card or electronic payment method. With next-day AM delivery, the whole process couldn’t be quicker or simpler.”Autoelectro adapting to aftermarket needs through new-to-range investment, company says - Garagewire

The team at Autoelectro relishes a challenge; when an enquiry comes in for a part number, particularly an obscure one, its product team jumps into action and sets about either finding the part number in stock or sourcing the core to remanufacture the component.

Nick added, “Usually, those without accounts get in touch with us because they are struggling to find a particular part. For example, we’ve experienced instances where people have challenged us on a part because it’s that obscure – a Ferrari 458 California or MGR V8, for example. They don’t expect us to have it, but more often than not, we deliver.

“In the event we don’t, we’re always in a position to ‘reman and return’ the customer’s old unit – making us a genuine one-stop for Rotating Electrics.”

Autoelectro’s latest digital venture could not have come at a better time; approaching the winter, it is essential that parts can be obtained at a moment’s notice to ensure the safe operation of the vehicles that come into the care of the aftermarket.

The original article was published by Professional Motor Factor Magazine and can be found here: Autoelectro Discusses Its Simplified Ordering Process