A BRADFORD rotating electrics specialist is marking two milestones this year, as it celebrates both its One Millionth Starter Motor and Alternator, and its 35-Year Anniversary.

Autoelectro, based on Leeds Road, revealed that its One Millionth Alternator rolled off its production line in January, with its One Millionth Starter Motor to follow shortly.

Despite Covid-19 creating a harsh trading environment, while the UK leaving the European Union has also presented challenges for the business, Autoelectro has still managed to "flourish", says its UK Sales Manager, Nick Hood.

“No matter how old, new or rare the vehicle is, Autoelectro has most likely seen it before and has the knowledge and experience to provide a premium replacement", Nick said.

“Quality has been the dominator throughout Autoelectro’ s history, having previously remanufactured to original equipment (OE) standards for the original Lucas B90 Rotating Electrics programme, and administering the European warranty programme for Delco Remy.

"In addition, Autoelectro was formally recognised with ISO:9001 accreditation for quality in 1994 – which is still in place today.

Founded in 1986 by Santokh Singh Bhogal, the company celebrates its 35-Year Anniversary in 2021.

“Autoelectro has been able to gain longevity, mostly achieved with a continuous and ambitious embracing of technology. The company has also kept pace with part numbers, complex technology and the depths of stock required to supply today’s market", said Nick.

“Naturally, we’ve had to make significant investments over the years, such as OE testing equipment, but those commitments prove to our customers that all Autoelectro products will perform to the levels of those originally fitted to the vehicle when in production.

“By adopting our core principles, we find ourselves in a unique position in that we’re not having to import our supplies, therefore, we have complete availability and ready to facilitate any order immediately.

“We boast excellent technical support and cataloguing on our website, which is a highly-effective and interactive tool to help customers manage all aspects of their commercial relationship with Autoelectro.

“The business will remain highly successful long into the future and the Two Millionth Starter Motor and Alternators will surely follow.

The original article can be found in Telegraph & Argus 3rd April 2021 Edition and can be found here: Autoelectro Telegraph & Argus Article