Remanufacturer outlines its "sustainable route for classic car motoring".

Classic car season is in full swing, and Autoelectro is enjoying a buoyant time at present.

The Rotating Electrics specialist revels in classic cars, with it being able to offer either a unit from stock or a ‘reman and return’ service – with the latter particularly pertinent.

For more than 35 years, Autoelectro has remanufactured Starter Motors and Alternators, whether it be bringing new-to-range references to market, filling gaps in the pareto or fulfilling ‘classic requests’. From a Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Golf to a Jaguar XJS and MGB, it can cater for all and, essentially, bookend the market.

Focusing on classic car parts specifically, the rush for components began in 2020, driven by the first lockdown which occurred in March 2020. Enthusiasts, according to Autoelectro’s UK Sales Manager, Nick Hood, “were able to finish those long-term projects that would otherwise be incomplete due to other commitments”.

Nick also believes that fewer classics would’ve been driven during that period, meaning cars were left in the garage or under cover, meaning more replacement parts were needed than normal when they were eventually fired up and driven.

With lockdowns and restrictions behind us, the figures continue to make positive reading for Autoelectro. While great news, that does generate challenges too: the older the vehicle, the harder it is to source core and components.

Combine that with the well-documented sourcing and pricing fragilities that exist – not just in automotive circles but industries worldwide – and Autoelectro has had to respond accordingly.

As core becomes scarce for older vehicles, Autoelectro has to ensure its continuity, with some obscure pieces subject to higher surcharge values. This shouldn’t cause the customer an issue, though, as returning the original unit will mean the surcharge will be refunded.

What’s more, any classic car enthusiast should be committed to this process, as it presents a situation in which other enthusiasts can benefit from Autoelectro having the parts available on the shelf. If these older references were available as a new copy product, they could be deleted from the range, leading to a scenario where there was no original core to rebuild and no availability for classic car enthusiasts – it’s the sustainable route for classic car motoring.

Furthermore, that decision to purchase a remanufactured original unit will also be rewarded when the vehicle owner decides to cash-in their classic, as Nick explained: “Autoelectro’s policy has always been to remanufacture in-house – we have done so since our inception in 1986.

“For classic cars, this is important, as originality plays a significant part. Indeed, it is possible to buy modified high performance copy parts to fit these types of vehicles, but, when it comes to selling the car, the provenance of the components underneath the bonnet can sway the value of the vehicle.”

Autoelectro prides itself on availability and range, and having the support of its customers in returning units, particularly for classic cars, will mean the remanufacturer will be able to stock the parts specialists and enthusiasts demand year-on-year, extending the life of the classic vehicle.

The original article was published by GarageWire and can be found here: Autoelectro Stocked-Up With Remanufactured Starter Motors And Alternators For Summer Classics