Autoelectro has invested in its data on web-driven catalogue platforms, in a bid to improve its industry leading range and availability.

During a cycle of between six to eight weeks, the company will be matching Starter Motor and Alternator applications on TecDoc and MAM Autocat programs, to ensure distributors receive up-to-date application details and, therefore, the ability to supply the independent workshop market.

What’s more, Autoelectro’s website will be updated the moment the part is added to range, which hopes to encourage an accurate and faster representation of availability.

To achieve these continuous updates, Autoelectro conducts development work behind the scenes, as its Sales Manager for UK and Ireland, Nick Hood, explained: “We don’t just focus on the technical aspects of the unit; we place emphasis on accuracy of the application details. As a company that is usually first-to-market, the pressure is on to get it right, first time.

“We only catalogue a part number when it is available from stock, not whilst it is in the development process, so if a customer can see a part on TecDoc, MAM Autocat or the Autoelectro website, they can purchase it from stock for next day AM carriage-free delivery.”

The original article was published by Professional Motor Factor Magazine and can be found here: Autoelectro Supports Motor Factors With Data Updates