Autoelectro, the privately owned Bradford based remanufacturer and supplier of quality rotating electrics, is now the premier independent brand for quality Starter motors and Alternators with remanufacturing facilities in the UK having a market reputation for quality, availability and being first to market for the latest applications. Established since 1986, the company is at the forefront of the rapidly changing technology in the aftermarket, having invested heavily in the latest test equipment and stock.

Earlier this year, the company was awarded the internationally recognised Green Apple Environmental Award and is also ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 accredited. Following the
latest surveillance visit, the External Auditor commented, “This has been a very satisfactory visit. The company are demonstrating control over all the various processes and excellent record keeping is in evidence. Customer satisfaction figures significantly in the day-to-day activities and a proud boast is that orders can be satisfied on a 24-hour basis even for obscure requirements, including rebuilding customers’ own equipment. Capital expenditure continues to be made in product improvement and reliability enhancement. The all-embracing computer system enables customers to place orders and to access technical data online, new model data is being constantly sought to enable a proactive service to be provided to customers. The extremely low warranty levels are testament to the sound expertise exercised in the manufacturing process and the attention to detail. This has been a recertification visit to 9001/14001/18001 and the results are very encouraging. There have been no issues raised nor areas of concern being in evidence. The auditor has no hesitation in heartily recommending certification to the three standards above.”

The company has held the quality standard since 1995 and Managing Director, Tony Bhogal, added: “We are committed to providing goods of the highest quality and a service to match. This is why we are now the largest independent remanufacturer and supplier of quality starter motors and alternators in the UK and are proud of our achievements in establishing Autoelectro as the leading company in our sector the aftermarket. This year is our 30th anniversary and we are well prepared to meet the challenges ahead with the growing threat of copy parts and complex electronics on vehicles. We continue to invest in stock and remanufacturing facilities, having probably the best availability and most advanced test equipment in the country.” has full cataloguing and product information including animated pictures of every part number with plug layouts, pulley type, etc. Vehicle specific technical information is also available and installers are actively encouraged to register and take advantage of the information available to assist in accurate fault diagnosis. There is also a ‘live-chat’ facility to assist with queries.

[caption id="attachment_222" align="alignleft" width="360"] The latest test equipment at Autoelectro[/caption]

Autoelectro offers next working day AM delivery to most parts of the UK and same day delivery to many customers within a 75 radius of its Bradford facility with its own fleet of vans. The service allows customers to take full advantage of its massive stocks and the best range in the country. UK Sales Manager, Nick Hood, highlights this point: “Over the last few years there has been an unbelievable increase in part numbers, making it impossible for the motor factor to stock everything, so the onus is on us to carry stocks and get the product out to the customer quickly. As a remanufacturer based in the UK, we have the flexibility to react to market demands quickly and the customer has the added assurance of getting an OE equivalent remanufactured part rather than a copy item manufactured somewhere in the Far East”.

Copy parts have become more prevalent over the last few years partly due to surcharges but Autoelectro has a commitment to credit all returns within 48 hours of receipt so in theory, the account can be run virtually surcharge free if core is returned regularly. This has been made easy using the online returns facility, which will soon show outstanding surcharges at any one time. Nick Hood added that this was to be totally transparent with customers and to provide a market-leading service.

Autoelectro is celebrating its 30th anniversary of trading this year and the company is proud of its enduring achievements and position in the market as the leading remanufacturer and supplier of quality rotating electrics in the UK, in a period when many companies and brands such as Lucas B90, Electrostart, Autostart and Valeo have disappeared from this area of the aftermarket.