Rotating Electrics remanufacturer, Autoelectro, is excited to share details of a brand refresh, with the specialist in Starter Motors and Alternators prioritising customer engagement and satisfaction.

Throughout 2021, Autoelectro has been celebrating its 35-year anniversary and over the three-and-a-half decades, the Bradford-based company’s red product boxes have become synonymous with distributors and technicians across the UK and Ireland.

While the colour remains as bright and vibrant as ever, Autoelectro has created a simpler yet more impactful and defining design. In addition, colour images of its products are now adorned to the boxes, and the remanufacturer remains the only supplier of Starter Motors and Alternators to tailor the image on its box label to the product inside the box – unique with every order.

Autoelectro Operations Manager, Raj Sharma, said: “Pairing the label with the product inside is a simple but effective concept, as this allows customers to have peace of mind that they are being supplied with the correct product and the exchange part returned also matches.”

Website improved with same aim in-mind

Autoelectro’s website has also been enhanced, with the layout of the landing page revitalised, to make it faster and easier to navigate.

Raj said: “The goal is to provide visitors and potential customers an easy way to learn about our products and the technology behind them; for example, the technical advice included in the box is also accessible on each product page of the website, so the user is always one click away from potentially vital information.”

Sticking with the digital characteristics of the business, Autoelectro has changed the design and strategy of its social media and email communications, a move that has generated a surge in traffic back to its website and increase in quality leads on social media.

Raj said: “We’re increasing the amount of material that’s being created internally, then distributed either via our own platforms or published within the trade media. The end-users’ experience has been further improved by the frequency and consistency of the content, as well as our team engaging with customers online.”

Autoelectro UK Sales Manager, Nick Hood, added: “These developments show the commitment of everyone behind the scenes at Autoelectro. We never stand still; we are always looking at ways of both improving ourselves and delivering a better product and service to our customers.

“As a business that started in 1986, we’ve always strived to stay ahead of the curve and be the benchmark. We’ve listened to feedback from customers, so this latest step is illustration of how we’re catering our customers’ demands and expectations.”

The original article was published in The Garage and MOT Magazine and can be found here: Autoelectro Energises Brand With ‘Subtle Yet Important’ Developments